This Instagram Account Of Naked Butts In Nature Is Actually Everything

by Kate Ryan

The genius behind the account GetYourAssIntoNature combined the two most popular photo themes on Instagram: naked butts and sunsets.

I am seriously kicking myself right now for not thinking of it first.

Montana State University student Aidan Weltner first conceptualized the idea with the intention of helping people "free themselves from judgement and unite with nature." Whatever he's doing seems to be working because he has nearly 30,000 followers so far.

Again, all we're looking at are bare asses and panoramic vistas. In an interview with ATTN, Weltner made the profound, yet simple point that,

Everybody in the world has a butt, except for a couple people. I kind of thought about all of these social problems that are going on and how they can be [addressed] with going outside and getting naked.

Not sure how that works exactly, but I'm 100 percent into it.

So go ahead, do your part to help solve social problems by looking at these beautiful butts right now.

Jumping for joy is so much better when you're naked.

Is that a sunset behind that butt?

Reflecting pools are great for reflecting... on your butt.

Cracks on cracks on cracks.

There's nothing like a cool breeze gently brushing against your cheeks.

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