This Instagram Model Is 6 Months Pregnant And Has The Tiniest Baby Bump


Hannah Polites is six months pregnant right now, and her stomach is more toned than mine will probably ever be.

The 24-year-old Instagram model from Gold Coast, Australia has an unusually small baby bump despite being six months into her pregnancy, and people are losing their damn minds over it.

Hannah has over a million followers on Instagram and runs a fashion and lifestyle website.

She regularly posts updates of her pregnancy on her Instagram, and it is pretty crazy how amazing she looks while she is creating life inside her stomach.

Because people are the worst, Hannah has faced some harsh criticism from commenters claiming staying so fit throughout her pregnancy is bad for her future child.

But these claims have no basis in medical facts, and Hannah said she is maintaining a positive attitude about her healthy lifestyle.

She told local reporters,

I do not take the negative comments to heart, especially when I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood. For the record, doctors have told me bub is healthy.

This is Hannah at six months pregnant, which is straight-up bananas.

Homegirl has a smaller bump while pregnant than I do after I eat a plate of Pizza Rolls.

This is witchcraft, right? I'm totally calling witchcraft.

Here she is at five months pregnant. How is it possible that there is a human child inside there?!

Well, I guess sometimes the miracle of creating human life looks like this. I mean probably never for me, but I'm happy for you Hannah.

If anything, childbirth is going to be a cinch with those abs.

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