No One Can Figure Out If This Woman's Instagram Photos Are Real Or Fake

by Talia Koren

Many girls on Instagram who post gratuitous selfies are called "fake" by commenters, but not in the same way as user @lilimiquela.

She appeared on Instagram within the last few months and only has 75 posts, but so far, she's racked up 65.9K followers.

None of her followers can figure out what's up with her eerily symmetrical face and unique features.

This mysterious girl, who never shares any details about herself, has three types of followers.

The first type just wants answers.

They ask questions like, "Are you real?" "Guys, is she real?" and, my personal favorite, "Are you a Sim?"

And even though other commenters answer, no one's ever gotten an answer from lilimiquela herself.

The second type of commenters is nonbelievers. These users assure the Instagram universe she's absolutely, 100 percent not real. Her comment section is full of people saying, "This can't be a real person."

But can it?

The last type of commenters are sure she's totally real, and she must be a graphic designer and edits her photos to make herself look like a character.

She definitely does look like a badass Sims character, but I have a different theory.

I think lilimiquela is trolling all of us and enjoying the silly fights in the comments.

Better yet, this account could be run by @fuckjerry or @thefatjewish, and they could be trolling all of us. Maybe it's even bigger than that.

We'll probably never know.

But either way, these photos are mesmerizing.

If she's not a Sims designer, she totally could be.

Get on this, Pixar!

True talent always sparks controversy -- and yes, it counts even if it's just on Instagram.

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