This Person Used The Most Insane Tinder Line To Get Women's Numbers (Photos)

I need to see this person's Tinder photos.

Judging by the success rate of this awful pick-up line, this mystery swiper's default has to be a snap of Channing Tatum's torso followed by a few pictures of free taco coupons.

This individual dives into the conversation with bad odds and is met with immediate, resounding success.


He or she gets psychological when necessary.


 The swiper backs the line up with vague biology.


He or she eases in with a misleading question and then, BAM, back to the scheduled programming.


The swiper tries “a lot” harder.


He or she uses the old battery-drained-by-the-dating-app excuse as a fail-safe.


This mysterious person even gets lucky.


It may seem outrageous how this approach worked, but it is not our place, as witnesses, to judge a person based on how far he or she will go for a few free tacos.