In-N-Out Egg Rolls Might Actually Be The Greatest Thing To Happen To Mankind


Thought you were so incredibly #blessed to be living in a world where In-N-Out exists? Wrong. You're lucky to be alive in a time when In-N-Out egg rolls exist.

That's right; the geniuses at Foodbeast came up with the idea to deconstruct a classic In-N-Out order and turn it into a plate of delicious egg rolls.

In a video on Foodbeast's YouTube page, Epic Meal Time's Josh Elkin chops up the insides of an Animal-Style Double-Double and lines up a neat pile of the mixture on a wonton wrapper.

He then takes a handful of fries to complete the filling and rolls that puppy up. After a quick dip in the deep fryer, the In-N-Out egg roll is golden brown and ready to eat.

In case you were drooling too much to pick all that up, there are fries within the fried egg roll. It really doesn't get much better than that.

So the next time you load up on burgers from the West Coast's best fast food joint, remember to save one for an ultra Americanized, Chinese take-out dinner you can totally make at home.

Oh, and don't forget to watch the video above for complete instructions.

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