12 People Reveal What They Would Do Differently If Given Second Chances

No matter how much you may claim to have #noregrets, almost everyone has #someregrets in life.

Personally, I like to think of regrets as learning opportunities. For instance, last night I got four rolls of sushi via delivery and ate all of them in one sitting. An hour later, I very much regretted that decision. Now, I know not to do that ever again, or at least not for another week.

THE POINT IS while spending too much time obsessively regretting your decisions is not good, a little regret and reflection can help you grow as a person. It might be hard to imagine right now, but you probably WILL get another opportunity to do it over, at least in a similar situation, someday.

If you're not about reliving your own pain, you can also learn from other people's mistakes. As always, Twitter has your back for that.

People are sharing things they would do differently and tagging #IfIHadAnotherChance, and I think we can all learn a lot from them.

1. Here's a good lesson: When you have the opportunity to kiss a person you like, go for it.

2. If you have the means to travel, definitely do it. It's never too late!

3. Waiting for fairytales to happen IRL will only get you so far.

4. Wisdom for everyone on the Internet: Don't argue with trolls.

5. Make sure you always read the signs.

6. OK, I'm slightly suspicious this one was written by my mom, but that's good advice, too...I guess.

7. Here's a guy who spent a tad too much chasing that Powerball.

8. This person apparently had a less-than-great Tinder date.

9. This guy just wishes for some wasted hours of his life back.

10. This girl keeps it a little too real.

11. But, it's important to remember to believe in your worth!

12. And hey, give yourselves a break. At least you didn't mess up as badly as Superman did.