Savage Vendor Hardcore Trolled A Dad Who Just Wanted His Ice Cream Cone


Who knew the biggest troll of them all lives in Turkey and works as an ice cream vendor?! Apparently, this kid's dad knows all too well.

A guy named Mahmood Algahim from Cleveland, Ohio recently embarked on a journey to Turkey with his dad.

All was going well until Mahmood and his dad, Fadhl, encountered this one ice cream vendor in particular who would just NOT stop trolling Fadhl.

Let's just say Mahmood's dad might have the most patience next to the incredibly tolerant girl whose boyfriend kept ruining her snap stories.

Mahmood took to Twitter to share the hilarious encounter many people are surprised lasted so long.

When Mahmood and his dad, Fadhl, took a trip to Turkey, they never expected to encounter the biggest troll of them all.

The look on Fadhl's face speaks volumes. He doesn't know whether to freak out, wait patiently or just walk away.


It turns out this ice cream vendor trolls other people just as hard as he trolled Fadhl.

According to BuzzFeed, the ice cream shop, which is called Kmaras Ottoman Ice Cream, is located between the historic Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

So far, Mahmood's hilarious video has managed to rack up over 81,000 retweets and 123,000 likes -- and rightfully so. I haven't laughed that hard since that viral video about the lady who went insane at Subway.

Fadhl was trolled SO HARD people couldn't help but imagine themselves in this situation.

It was just too much.

Twitter users began putting themselves in his shoes.

Apparently, most people's dads would have lost their composure.

It's safe to say Fadhl has the patience of a saint...

And sometimes saints get "finessed."

If you're ever looking to have someone f*ck with you relentlessly until you almost consider jumping over the counter and serving the ice cream yourself, take a trip to Istanbul and pay this guy a visit.

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