Savage Customer Couldn't Handle It When Subway Had No More Meatball Subs


Anyone have an extra batch of chill pills laying around?

If so, please be charitable and give the batsh*t crazy lady in this video a couple of those. She is clearly in desperate need.

A shocking video is making its rounds on the 'net after a loud-mouthed customer totally lost her cool while attempting to order a meatball sub at Subway.

After taking one look at this lunchtime masterpiece, it's not hard to see why.

Either this woman is the last real diehard Subway fanatic alive or she really, really loves meatball subs. Maybe both? It's honestly quite hard to tell.

Perhaps what isn't difficult to make out is that she is NOT accepting the fact that this particular Subway location doesn't have the ingredients needed to prepare her order.

At first, it appeared that this woman was going to give a little pushback before ordering something else to substitute her meatball sub, but nope.

Instead, she proceeded to test her vocal chords out on the poor Subway employee behind the counter with ZERO remorse.

Savage. Straight savage, I tell you! Throughout the video, we never get to see this woman's face, but I'd imagine it looks something like this.


The three-minute video starts off with the crazed customer asking for a meatball sub before being informed that they don't have the ingredients needed.

Then, she begins shouting about how she's lived upstairs from their location for six whole years. She admits that she's never had a problem ordering a meatball sub.

The calm, cool and collected Subway employees then tell the meatball-loving woman that there's nothing they can do. Their honesty didn't work -- not even a little bit!

She then screams and pleads for them to take the meatball sub off of their menu since they can't fulfill her order.

The end result? I'd go ahead and assume a few damaged eardrums, a priceless viral video and a sad meatball-less life for this wacko.

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