World's Most Annoying Guy Did Everything In His Power To Ruin GF's Snap Story



No, that is not the sound of the police. That is the sound of some girl's annoying boyfriend making fake seagull noises on the beach.

See, it was just an average, blissful, serene day surrounded by nature's beauty.

As the waves calmly crashed ashore and the grainy sand swallowed the toes of beachgoers frolicking under the sun, everything was going according to plan for one Reddit user and his incredibly patient girlfriend...

That was until he decided it'd be a genius idea to completely RUIN her snap story. I can confirm that this is one of the worst things you can do to your girlfriend that doesn't involve another human being.

Come to think of it, ruining anyone's snap story is damn near illegal (or at least it should be).

That much was made obvious when Reddit user Swim-Bike-Run shared his girlfriend's Snapchat story with the world.

I'm sure she wanted to print this meme out and tape it to his forehead.


The video starts off calmly as his girlfriend captures the scenic beauty around them. Keep in mind, this is just a 10-second video so it wasn't long before her boyfriend thought it'd be a great idea to make an obnoxious quacking sound.

While she could have gotten really upset, she acted as if he does this sh*t all the time. Could you imagine?!

The couple's sitting at dinner on their anniversary day. The waiter brings over a nice juicy steak, and this girl's boyfriend just starts mooing uncontrollably.

I can totally picture it...


Instead of telling him to go take a hike after ruining her snap story on the beach, she almost asks him to stop, saying,

Can you... God.

Yeah, he never stops, does he? Someone get this girl an award for most tolerant girlfriend EVER.

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