Husband's Post About Having Wandering Eye Goes Viral For Amazing Reason


This guy's Facebook post goes from, “Whooooa, slow your roll, you creeper!” to, “D'AWWWWW!” faster than you can say,

Husbands staring at women they shouldn't be staring at is an age-old problem in marriages.

These incidents are what easily lead to 70 percent of silent car rides home from Denny's and are responsible for most married guys knowing all the comfy ways to sleep on couches.

As he explained in a recent Facebook post, Salt Lake City's Jason Hewlett almost fell into the above category.

Or maybe he actually did? I don't know. This one is weird.

In the post, Jason wrote,

You need a Harvard law degree to figure out if that is cheating or not.

In Jason's defense, the story gets a lot more innocent after he stares at this "other woman." He wrote,

Cute? Not cute? IS JASON A DIRTY, CHEATING MONSTER??!?! You decide.

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