The Savage 'Huh Challenge' On Twitter Will Annoy You On So Many Levels


We can all agree that high school is a particularly odd time in your life, when you are treated miserably by your peers while teasing the crap out of them right back.

It's a rite of passage. Everyone is self-conscious, so they take that out on others before everyone else has the chance to take it out on them. If you roast them first, everyone is too busy laughing that they don't get a word in edge-wise.

And if you're especially good at roasting, people usually fear you and won't ever try to take you on in a battle of wits.

But now teens have created the "Huh Challenge," in which they document themselves dragging their friends followed by a high pitched "Huuuuuh!"

Really, it's just an excuse to be a jerk to someone.

Honestly, most of them aren't even clever.

This girl is sooo savage for this #HUHChallenge — Bitch Problems (@FemaleTexts) September 22, 2016

I'm pretty convinced the camera cuts right before they start crying.

#HuhChallenge takes Clarence — Garrett (@garretttrosen) September 22, 2016

What's worse? The annoying voices or the shrill "HUUUUUUHHH?"

I'm so weak#huhchallenge — Queen C (@crystal_9100) September 21, 2016

Let's send a prayer to all of the teachers who have to put up with this trend.

If you want someone to blame, and we all want someone to blame, this is allegedly the original #HuhChallenge.

#huhchallenge — Danial Babar (@danial_babar) September 13, 2016

Like, these roasts are weak AF.


Just wait for the headline "Teens Beat Up Because Of #HuhChallenge."


Why are you teens so cruel?! Why are you so angry toward your friends?!

Is there a new superlative called "Most Likely To Be Roasted?" How about "Most Savage?"

I wish I understood what goes on in the minds of youths, but my old bones prevent me from ever knowing. Now, I must return to the sea because I don't get you kids at all. Goodbye, friends.

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