11-Month-Old Just Cannot Get His Huge 80-Pound Bulldog To Go For A Walk (Video)

A dog is often referred to as “man’s best friend,” but in this case, a more fitting moniker may be “baby’s best friend.”

In the video above, an 11-month-old boy tries his hardest to walk the family’s 80-pound English bulldog.

The massive dog clearly has no intention of walking, but remains patient as the child, still wobbly on his own feet, tries every trick in the book to get the pup moving.

He tugs on the leash, waves it in the dog’s face and even attempts to drag him along — but to no avail. Despite his failings, the little boy remains overwhelmed with excitement; he happily bounces on his toes until, laughing, he falls to the ground and the video cuts out.

Maybe he’s just lazy, but I’d like to think this pup really is as patient with the small child as he seems to be in the short clip.

Whatever the case, it's cute as hell. Take a look up top!