Here's How Men Should Be Using Tinder, According To Porn Stars (Video)

Porn stars seem like the obvious choices of people to get Tinder advice from. I don't know what took society this long to ask them for their help.

I'm not saying porn stars are deviant Tinder trolls, swiping their ways through D's and life. But, they do understand adult relationships and the art of wooing a little better than your standard, everyday person.

They've essentially made careers out of looking into video cameras and convincing their viewers they're participating in the porn stars' experiences, even though the viewers are thousands of miles away watching from their parents' basements with headphones.

So, let these stars be your BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA Sherpas on your quest to climb Mount Booty. These tips are your 10 commandments for parting some strange seas, and these gals are your modern-day Moseses.

Swipe with confidence, young and loveless grasshoppers.

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