Guy Asks For Homework Help In PornHub Comments And Gets Detailed Reply


If you're struggling with your calculus homework, don't rip your hair out. Take a deep breath, type your favorite porn website into the address bar of your web browser, and hit enter.

No, I'm not telling you to put your homework off and watch porn instead. It turns out porn sites can actually be used to find the answers to tough questions and, in this case, math homework.

PornHub user F_Taylor needed help understanding tangent lines so he signed into his account on the popular porn site and hit the comments section under an "Alexis Fawx" video.

Go ahead, make the "Fawx" joke. I'll wait...

The desperate PornHub user asked,

Does anyone know how to do tangent lines?

Now, if you've ever been on a porn site and scrolled through the wild comments underneath each and every video, you know a porn site should probably be the last place you look for math help.

It's simply meant to help us relieve ourselves and stimulate pleasure when no one else will.

Fortunately for this kid, it turns out the PornHub community is actually pretty good with tangent lines. User PanicWave replied to F_Taylor's comment with all of the tools need to complete the assignment.

Find Y coordinate by plugging the given X point into your original equation. Use Mt=(y-y1)/(x-x1) simplify to solve for gradient and then bring to general equation of y=mx+c.

There are some good people out there!

Here's the moment PornHub user F_Taylor asked for help with tangent lines in the comments section of a porn video.


Ah, the internet will never let you down.

Keep in mind, this person was most likely in the middle of jerking off. The generosity of this user is outstanding, and they deserve a fucking award. Not many of us are this selfless.

See?! Porn addicts aren't all that bad. They're actually down to lend a helping hand when you're in need... Wait, what? Scratch that.

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