You Can Actually Hire This Woman To Help You Get Through A Breakup

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Managing life post-breakup or mid-troll-feud can feel twice as difficult as managing life without these stresses.

In the days before the Internet, avoiding people who put knots in your stomach was easier, and the temptation to renege on vows to not stalk an ex was less palpable.

Those living the struggle with seemingly no end in sight can turn to Caroline Sinders.

The self-described social media breakup coordinator reportedly offers $10 consultations to shoulder the burden of break-up backlash for her clients.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, she explained,

I've been doing so much work in social media around interpersonal relationship grouping… One thing I noticed is that once you start to get to know someone and that relationship sours... It's still really hard to mute someone that you know that is being mean to you or won't talk to you, or broke up with you, or you hurt them… It's another frustrating thing—it's a mechanism that adds to the frustration of living.

Sinders will do the dirty work of unfriending an ex on Facebook, deleting his or her posts from your wall, photos from your albums and pulling his or her number from your phone, all the while keeping the digits safe in the event of an about-face.

To enlist Sinders' services, potential clients must answer a 21-item quiz to determine whom they're attempting to 86 from their social media lives and to what extent.

She held office hours this weekend at a gallery, Babycastles, in downtown New York City where she sat for 15-minute sessions.

On her Twitter, Sinders reminded followers she will continue taking calls and payments for her services, which she insists are merely a performance piece.

Her goal is to prove how willing people are to wash their hands of even mildly challenging life chores.

Sinders shared,

You can outsource any handling of your life to someone else. My project is trying to satirize that.

Despite her satirical approach, Sinders' services remain useful in their applications. For anyone who does not mind being part of the parody, Sinders will "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" your social media accounts for a reasonable price.

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