Chris Oxenbury

Emojis For Old People, As Imagined By A Grandmother

Emojis are super important nowadays.

In fact, they're so important that the new MacBook Pro is going to have emojis on its keyboard.

YEAH. Welcome to 2016, people.

You can forget about needing to type full sentences anymore, because that's clearly a thing of the past.

I do need to hand it to Apple though, because they've done a great job of keeping up with the world's diversity through emojis.

One thing they haven't expressed through cartoons yet is the lifestyles of those over 50 years old, and apparently, people are pissed.

Diane Hill, 56-year-old woman from Coventry, UK, was so upset that she compiled a bunch of ideas for emojis that display the lifestyles of older generations, Metro reports.

They're called "emoldjis," and they're funny AF.

Hill thought of the ideas when BBC allegedly reached out to their listeners and asked if the media could do more to reflect their lifestyles.

According to BBC, she responded with a few of her ideas, and said,

I need something that shows pain because my back hurts, my knees hurt and I need emojis with glasses.

Guess what? That's exactly what she got.

Chris Oxenbury

With the help of local artist Chris Oxenbury, her "emoldjis" came to life.

Oxendbury was assigned to the project and created nine emojis that perfectly sum up the lives that (most) old people lead.

It's been reported the designs are being sent out for approval. If they're approved, smartphone users over the age of 50 will be pretty damn happy.

Here's a sneak peek into the cartoon lives of our elders.

Old people love bingo, right?

Chris Oxenbury

Memory meds, anyone?

Chris Oxenbury

I'm not sure what this one means, but maybe I'll know when I'm older.

Chris Oxenbury

This emoji is spitting out its dentures. Perfect!

Chris Oxenbury

Grandchildren galore.

Chris Oxenbury

The perfect emoji for a grumpy old man.

Chris Oxenbury

Look at this sassy old woman!

Chris Oxenbury

This one's my favorite.

Supposedly, she's spending her grandchildren's inheritance.

Chris Oxenbury

I wouldn't mind welcoming these cartoons to my keyboard!

If it happens, I'll be sure to tell my grandma the good news. I know she'll have a blast.