New MacBook Pro Has 'Touch Bar' With Emojis

At Thursday's Apple event, the company announced there will be some major changes on the way for the MacBook Pro.

Apple just unveiled a new generation of the MacBook Pro #appleevent — Mashable (@mashable) October 27, 2016

Chief among those new features has to be the inception of a "Touch Bar" to replace all the function keys on the keyboard. Basically, the touch keys on the taskbar will change based on whatever application or program you're using on the Mac.

I'm not quite sure how that's going to feel while you're working and playing and whatnot, but I'm pretty sure it's going to at least look cool AF to onlookers.

But wait — it gets better.

It appears one of the features of the Touch Bar will be to turn into a full emoji toolbar, so you never have to type words again, really.

I mean, just take a look at this bad boy.

Yeah, that's pretty lit.

In addition to the Touch Bar with emojis, the new MacBook Pro's keyboard will also change the way you use app's like Apple Pay. You'll be able to use this app and others with the swipe of a finger, which is obviously a new innovation for Mac users.

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Apparently, Apple's new MacBook Pro keyboard will also make video editing on app's like Final Cut Pro much easier. Photoshop is another app which appears set for a major user upgrade on the new MacBook Pro.

Looks like you'll be using the new touch pad for everythiiiiing #AppleEvent — TheStreet (@TheStreet) October 27, 2016

It appears the new MacBook Pro will be thinner and smaller than the MacBook Air, which was clearly a concern among current and potential Mac users. At the moment, it looks like the Pro will come in two 13-inch models and one 15-inch option.

The new 13-inch Macbook Pro is thinner and smaller than the Macbook Air. #AppleEvent — WIRED (@WIRED) October 27, 2016

So, how much will Apple's new MacBook Pro set you back? Well, there's definitely a price jump from the MacBook Pro you know, so you might want to start saving up now in order to get your hands on one of these babies.

Here's the price rundown for each of the new Macbook Pros announced. #AppleEvent — WIRED (@WIRED) October 27, 2016

Don't shoot the messenger, OK?

So, what do you think of the new MacBook Pro?

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