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Leaked MacBook Photo Reveals New Touch Feature

Apple's latest MacBook isn't supposed to be unveiled 'til Thursday, but we're finding out information on its features thanks to a new leak.

The info comes from tech site MacRumors, which found the photo within the update for Mac OS Sierra. Here's the full view of the photo.


The image shows a demo of what using Apple Pay would look like on the latest operating system update for MacBooks. In doing so, however, Apple also revealed what its new laptop would look like as well.

To put it simply, there's more than meets the eyes in this photo.

As CNET perfectly broke down, there are a couple of new things to notice about the new MacBook straight off the bat. First thing, there's a new toolbar above the row of numbers. So it looks like you can say goodbye to all the function keys — you know, F1 for lowering brightness, F2 for increasing it, etc. — and say hello to a new, uh, black strip.


CNET refers to the strip as the "magic toolbar," a term that is not official, but has reportedly been trademarked by Apple.

The magic toolbar looks as it will be touch-enabled and have a fingerprint sense. In fact, the magic toolbar might be able to even display different messages based on what app you're using. How do we know? Because, duh, someone is using Apple Pay with their finger tip in the leak above, while different messages are being shown across the toolbar.

Keep up, please.

Anyway, while this leak seems to show more of Apple's innovation at work, it really looks like it can be annoying. Having dedicated buttons for adjusting volume, brightness and pausing tracks was always a handy thing to have on a computer.

If Apple is getting rid of that, I mean, it sucks and will take some getting used to.


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