Hillary Clinton Can't Stop Making Accidental Anal Jokes

by Gillian Fuller
Getty Images

Remember that time Hillary Clinton inadvertently referenced anal sex on Twitter?

Well, the Dem frontrunner did it again — only this time, it was on live TV.

While discussing Jupiter networks during Saturday night's Democratic debates, Hillary, rather unfortunately, announced:

The back door is the wrong door.

Of course, Twitter exploded with accusations and butt-sex jokes galore. Poor Hillary.

Here's hoping her verbal slip-up doesn't lose her any voters. After all, for some folks, the back door is the only door.

Check out Twitter's hilarious response, below.

Social media found Hillary's word choice extremely entertaining.

Maybe the back door is the right door for some people, Hillary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — Demetrius (@Indifferent_D) December 20, 2015

Some made their own jokes...

When Hillary talked about the back door being the wrong door. #HillNo — Mary Van Note (@maryvannotes) December 20, 2015

...While others simply took the time to point out exactly what she said.

"Maybe the backdoor is the wrong door." — an actual thing the Democratic frontrunner said. — Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp) December 20, 2015

Obviously, Hil didn't realize the mistake she'd made...

"Maybe the backdoor is the wrong door" — Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) December 20, 2015

...But we have a feeling she'll be a lot more careful with her wording in the future.

I didn't say "pause" when hillary said "maybe the back door is the wrong door" because god is working on all of us — Desus Nice (@desusnice) December 20, 2015