Groom's Hilarious Rap Song Just Dropped The Mic On Wedding Speeches


If you have a wedding coming up and you're not sure how to write a heartfelt toast that'll make everyone laugh and cry, take notes from one guy who rapped his way to wedding speech glory.

According to Daily Mail, London-based software company sales director Kit Evens made a big impression on the crowd at one wedding after rapping a tribute to his new bride that he wrote all by himself. He worked in lines like, "Time to get laid, to get ourselves a baby made," and even got the bridesmaids in on the act.

Using Biggie's famous track "Juicy" as the background beat for his song, he sang the lines to a cheering audience,

Born thinner, today I'm a winner, finally got someone who can make me chicken dinner.

Wow, what a lucky lady. Speaking about the effort he put into writing the timeless, lyrical ode to matrimony, he said to Daily Mail,

It took me a solid three hours to write and I had my sister and best men check it first.

See the HILARIOUS video for yourself by clicking play on the link above!

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