Hero Teenager Takes Harvard Acceptance Letter To Prom For The Most Epic Reason


I personally can't think of anything quite as torturous as high school.

Does anyone actually recall fond memories from these painstakingly long four years?

(Clearly, you know where I stand.)

Senior Priscilla Samey has experienced this kind of hell firsthand.

She's a student at Champlin Park High School in Brooklyn Park, MN...


... and she just had the disheartening experience of trying to find a prom date.

It sucks — teens adhering to their own social needs can be brutal.

No one worried about her feelings or her date for the big night, but Priscilla's certainly getting the last laugh.

Instead of worrying about a date, she used Twitter to share other amazing news.


Damn, girl! That's a serious achievement right there.

Rather than let dopey 18-year-old boys let her down, Priscilla found her own prom date — her Harvard acceptance letter.


Naturally, Twitter had a field day cheering for the teen and we can't help but join the celebration.

According to a tweet, she's the first Harvard-bound student from Champlin Park.


She's also a first-generation American and daughter of West African immigrants who plans to become a lawyer one day, according to The Tab.

"I was in disbelief, complete shock. My mom was crying and dancing around," she told the site.

But of course — as high school will have it — the Regina Georges of the Twittersphere found time to hate.


Just hold your head up high, Priscilla -- and ignore the Twitter nonsense the way you did the prom nonsense.

Oh, high school.

Between failed attempts at fitting in and looking your best, hours spent studying and, of course, trying to find a prom date, you might as well just admit it's best to never look back on this experience.

After all, college is when the fun begins, anyway, right?

Elite Daily has reached out to the Minnesota teen for comment.

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