Moise Morancy Beats Down Passenger Accused Of Touching Girl

Moise Morancy became an instant hero this week.

After a man allegedly tried to inappropriately touch a 15-year-old girl on a bus in Queens, New York, Morancy stepped in, pinned the accused creeper against a seat and sent a simple message. He said,

Don't ever do that shit again.

Video of the altercation, titled "Moise Morancy vs. Pedophile," can be seen below.


Eventually the cops came to the scene to sort the situation out. When they arrived, Morancy told them there was a man touching a little girl. Morancy also told them he was "defending" her.

The alleged offender told cops Morancy had actually assaulted him and denied touching the girl.

In the video, cops are seen handcuffing Morancy, but later one officer shakes his hand, and AJ Plus reports police told him he was a "hero."


In an interview with AJ Plus, Morancy struggled to find the words to describe the heart-stopping scene.

Morancy said,

I feel distraught. I feel devastated that this girl... that this girl had... was so frightened that she couldn't do anything in that moment.

He said the girl showed appreciation for his gesture, giving Morancy a small token of appreciation. He continued,

I didn't second guess helping that girl. Later on she gave me a hug and she gave me the roses you see behind me.
AJ Plus

The interview with AJ Plus can be seen below.

“No is no, do not touch young women or women of all ages.” When this man saw a girl being touched inappropriately, he took action. — AJ+ (@ajplus) October 28, 2016

Morancy signed off with an important message, too. He said,

No is no. Do not touch young women or women of all ages. It's not ok. Keep your hands to yourself.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.