Here's What A $600 Solo Meal Gets You At One Of America's Priciest Restaurants


When I was in college, "saving up" for a meal referred to scrounging $20 from the depths of my purse and ordering a large pie from Domino's on a Friday night.

What can I say? I'm easy to please, and blowing my weekly savings on a savory pizza pie was typically the norm (it still is).

Treat yo'self, am I right?

Sadly, my version of a dinner "treat" was put to shame when a foodie on Reddit posted photos of his $600 meal-for-one at one of the priciest restaurants in America.

The bougie eatery is called Saison, and a college kid decided to take himself on a date to check out the menu.

The Redditor, named Hoptail, took the internet on a journey through his fancy $600 meal with a collection of pictures he took of his food.

Before sharing the photos, he wrote,

So I got sent to San Francisco for work and I always make a habit of visiting the best restaurants when I travel. I'm not well-off by any means - I'm a college student. But I love good food and I save up for this shit. So please enjoy living vicariously through these photos of my dinner for 1 at Saison.

Tbh, I think I'd still be hungry after finishing this tiny meal in it's entirety.

This tea looks fancy AF.


Although this cup of tea looks like weed that fell into a mug of tap water, it sounds like it was well worth the cash.

The Reddit user described it, and said,

This was, no joke, the most heavenly tea I've ever had in my life and could quite cheerfully drink this every day until I died. It was only supposed to accompany one course but I requested that it be replenished throughout the evening. All 4 hours of it.

Can't forget the greens!


He described this delicious dish, and wrote,

Up next, baby spinach, roasted kelp cooked in clarified butter (compliments of their jersey cow Bella) and topped with proprietary caviar - some specific type that you can only have there.

Personally, I'd be fine with a salad.

It's sushi time.


Well, this doesn't look like much, but apparently it "was nice."

He described the Sashimi as "amazing," and described the raw fish as "tender, buttery."  For the amount of money he's paying for it, I'd certainly hope it was buttery.

This one's called "Geoduck," and I'm a little afraid of it.


Apparently, it wasn't that good. We aren't missing out.

This one was his favorite.


It's a sea urchin, and it's creamy, "like the butter of the sea."

Tbh, I'm not really sure what this is.


Apparently, it's sliced radish.

This one looks like someone chewed it up and spit it out.


Again, that's coming from a chick who prefers pizza over a full course meal. (I'm just jealous I can't afford something like this.)

Yum! This one's roasted pumpkin.


Apparently, he had the roasted pumpkin served to him three different ways.

This one was slow roasted for eight-hours using buttermilk cream.


OK, now my mouth's watering.

Last but not least, the pumpkin purée.


Surprisingly, the eater had no idea what to do with this one.

He wrote,

Not sure about this one. Pumpkin puree in cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil. It felt like it was kind of added as an afterthought and was way too salty. I'm not even sure how I was supposed to eat it.

OK, I guess that looked kind of delicious.

There's still no way in hell I'd ever spend $600 on a meal, though. Kudos, bro.