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This Hilarious Rap About The Struggles Of Having Big Boobs Is Too Accurate

Praise “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” for harnessing the natural sway of breasts to create an original dance move that so, so, SO accurately represents casual boob flop (i.e. boobs as they appear while running, walking down stairs, exercising, getting excited about winning a raffle and jumping up and down too hard, etc).

The show's star and co-creator Rachel Bloom continued nailing musical comedy interludes on Monday night's episode, titled "Josh's Sister Is Getting Married."

The easiest way for Bloom's character Rebecca Bunch to get her point across while attempting to explain to yoga pro Valencia the struggle of hauling double D's for an entire adult lifetime was with an educational song-and-dance break titled “Heavy Boobs.”

If you're not sure whether to invest two minutes in watching this clip (or, in my case, hours in binging this series #noregrets), please enjoy a sweet sample of the song's opening:

I got them heavy boobs, heavy boobs / dance like dyin' stars / I got them heavy boobs, heavy boobs / I can't run real far.

That's right, folks. This jam has it all: science, sports and the labor-intensive nature of the female anatomy.

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