#CanWeBringBack: Twitter Users Get Nostalgic Before Throwback Thursday

There are T-minus nine hours until #ThrowbackThursday.

If you don't have your throwback Instagram on deck, ready to show off how damn cute you were as a baby or how hot you were when you peaked in high school, are you even a Millennial?

This generation's thirst levels are at an all-time high: for attention, for sex, for alcohol and for nostalgia.

Can somebody please release a time machine so we can all go back to the days of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, the first Gulf War, heated figure skating scandals and the infamous OJ Simpson trial? Let us not forget it was also the time of the "Macarena."

The point is people are excited.

People are so excited this week in particular, in fact, Twitter users have initiated a new hashtag to get the conversation started ahead of #ThrowbackThursday: #CanWeBringBack.

Here's what people are missing and wishing they could have in present day:

What do you wish you could bring back from the old days?