Harry Potter As A Bodybuilder Will Either Terrify You, Or Really Turn You On

It's weird to think if Harry Potter were a real person, he'd be a 36-year-old man.

Whenever I think of the famous character, I think of him as a small, meek boy who never quite grew up into adulthood.

But now, thanks to Australian body builder Zac Perna, we can all not only imagine what Harry would look like as a grown man, we can actually see it with our own eyes.

Thanks to a little Face Swap magic, Perna transformed himself into Harry Potter for a few quick videos showing of his dead-on impression and his impressive muscles.

Perna throws in a few one-liners to make it all the more believable including,

Hagrid, check it out! I'm f*cking massive, mate!

He also gives the world a pretty spectacular view of what Harry would look and act like as a meathead.

Check out the entire video up top.