Science Just Gave Us An Awesome Reason To Get Pumped For Our Wrinkly Bodies


Think about it: How many of your friends are completely content with their body image right now?

If your pals are a bunch of millennials, I'm going to assume a majority of them aren't. (I'm not being harsh -- I'm just being realistic.)

In my opinion, no matter who you are or how confident in your body image you've become, there's always an inkling of self improvement you're searching for.

That's normal, though. We're always seeking to better ourselves.

Have you ever wondered when the day will come when you're totally and completely happy with your appearance, though?

I mean really, really happy.

If so, you're in luck. Science just determined what age we'll be when we finally love ourselves unconditionally, and it's older than you think.

Research just proved that our happiness with our bodies peak when we're 74 years old.

Yup, 74. That's a long time time from now, so don't freak out if you're struggling with body image.

Based off a Gallup survey via Business Insider, two-thirds of Americans over 65 years old say they always like the way the look.

Apparently, 75 percent of the elders agree with the statement "You always feel good about your physical appearance."

The survey determined that a little below 70 percent of women agreed with the statement when they were 74 year old, while 75 percent of men agreed in their early 80s.

 So... I guess that means we can look forward to a few wrinkles then, right?

The research shown by Business Insider also provides information about other ages in life when we'll peak at different things, such as strength and salary.

Apparently, we'll finally start remembering faces when we're 32, and we'll be happy with our salaries when we're 39 (30 looks like a good decade).

Based off the information (body imagine included), it looks like we have a lot to look forward to.

Yes, that includes wrinkles.

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