This Is What Happens When A Groom's Side Chick Shows Up To The Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be beautiful ceremonies filled with family, friends and definitely no side chicks.

One man learned the hard way that he probably should've never been messing around in the first place when his secret lover showed up in front of all of his loved ones to put him on blast.

Starting with the slow clap right before the exchange of vows, she dropped the bomb, "This is what you left my house for this morning?"

While she didn't exactly wild out, she put it out plainly that this is not a faithful man, and the reactions from the people at the ceremony say it all.

The moment has since gone viral, and now, what only a room filled with people knew has spread to the other side of the world. Shout out to the power of the Internet.

This just serves as a lesson to any dude who's getting married but is still messing around. It's time to cut that sh*t out!