These Guys Snuck Into A Movie By Pretending To Be One Huge Person (Video)

We all know movie tickets are ridiculously expensive these days. Add popcorn and a drink, and you're suddenly $50 broker just trying to mellow out in front of "Zoolander 2."

Two best friends decided to get innovative to cheat the system and save a little cash.

Mashable reports YouTuber Bo Johnson decided to sneak his friend Matthew in by hiding him under his shirt. Together, they looked like one very large, strangely disproportioned moviegoer.

In the video, you can see the various attempts they made -- first with them walking in tandem, then with one guy on the other's back. Through trial and error, they landed on the winning combination where one man clings to the front of the other like a baby chimp. It's kind of adorable.

Watch the video below where two become one and movie tickets become slightly more affordable.

Bo Johnson on YouTube

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