These Guys Pranked Their Friend By Covering His Entire Car In Plastic Wrap

Daily Mail

This is a pretty low-stakes yet SUPER annoying British prank you should try on your American friends.

Yes, this trick is pretty awesome, but I think the coolest thing to learn from this video is British people call Saran Wrap “sticky film,” which is the most on-the-nose name for anything ever. It's like calling forks “food-stick multi-daggers” or Australia “Hemsworth Island.”

It's actually kind of effed up they do that, because if you have a British accent in the US, everyone just assumes you're smart despite the fact you use terms like “sticky film” or call condoms “rubbers,” which is also the most literal translation of the word.


Citations: Driver left in a sticky situation after student pranksters wrap an entire car in CLING FILM making it impossible to tell the make or colour Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook (Daily Mail)