This 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Needs A Geography Lesson ASAP

Here is a breakdown of how often “Wheel of Fortune” contestant David engages in various activities.


When David's wife and "Wheel of Fortune" teammate Keri shouts, "GONDOLA RIDE THROUGH VENICE," the spouses solve the puzzle and win a trip to, where else, Venice!

Before host Pat Sajak gives the two of them more info on their all-expenses-paid getaway, he asks if they have a sturdy enough grasp on geography to name the country in which Venice resides.

David confidently replies, "Paris," before hearing the crowd's reaction and realizing Paris is a city, not a Mediterranean country.

He quickly corrects himself, telling Pat it's "France" the couple will visit.

Wrong again, David. Wrong again.

Much to the cute couple's delight, they still receive their Italian vacation, despite having no idea where the hell they're headed.

Bon voyage! Viaggio sicuro! Ασφαλές ταξίδι! Viaje seguro!

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