This Guy Trolled His Mom By Doing The Funniest Thing To Her Family Photos

Clare Manion

Trolling people with Steve Buscemi is perfect if you think about it. (He kinda looks like a troll, tbh.)

Kevin Manion from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, understands that trips home to see the folks can be boring as hell. So, he came up with the best way to keep himself entertained: by swapping family photos with pictures of the actor.

Make no joke about it. This type of prank takes time, precision and the cutting skills of a god.

His sister, Clare, documented his art work on Twitter:

So. Much. Buscemi.

Look at all those retweets and likes. Kevin reached internet fame pretty quickly, and by the looks of things, he was loving the attention.

There's not enough Buscemi in our lives these days. So, we thank Kevin for this much-needed reminder about this thriving actor.

Anyone else have the sudden urge to watch "Con Air" right now? Let's be honest: It's arguably the best film ever made.

What? You don't agree?