Guy Tricks Cheating GF By Staging Fake Proposal And Inviting Worst Guest Ever


The world of cheating is a messy one, my friends. Trust me, don't get involved.

If you're going to choose to date two people at once, you must be prepared to untangle the web once one of them finds out.

And, believe me, they will eventually find out.

One woman who was juggling "two good men" had no idea both of her boyfriends discovered she was cheating on them with one another.

Once they found out what she'd been doing behind their backs, they staged a fake proposal and invited a guest that mortified her beyond belief.

The fake proposal -- which was caught on film by a bystander -- took place at the restaurant she works at.

First, one of her boyfriends (wearing a white shirt) walks in and gives her a hug. At this point, it's a casual work visit from bae.

We'll call him "Boyfriend 1."


Moments later, Boyfriend 1 gets down on one knee, and his cheating girlfriend gasps with excitement. He's about to propose!

(In reality, she's probably thinking, "Oh, shit.")


A few seconds go by as he nervously holds up the ring while simultaneously looking over his shoulders for the special guest to arrive.


After making small talk with his "future fiancée," the special guest walks through the doors and up to the couple.

And by "special guest," I mean her OTHER BOYFRIEND.


Her other boyfriend, Boyfriend 2, purposely interrupted the fake proposal -- and it was priceless.


The jig is up, girlfriend. THEY BOTH KNOW.

After Boyfriend 2 approaches them, he yells at the woman and says,

You had two good men! Two good fucking men! You fucked it up!

Moments later, she walks outside and leaves both of her boyfriends in the restaurant.


At the end of the video, both men vent about how the woman dated them at the same exact time. Apparently, one of them even bought her a new car.

Regardless of how shocked or upset they were, I think they definitely had the last laugh.

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