Unlucky Guy Snapchats The Messy Aftermath Of His Strip Club Lap Dance


As a rule of thumb, never trust a guy who goes to strip clubs on the reg.

There's something seriously wrong with a man who chooses time with naked randos over time with his partner, and there's also something not quite right with a GF who's fine with it.

On a different note, guys: If you're into that sort of thing, don't wear white pants.

It's a huge fashion faux pas, for starters. No one wears white jeans or chinos unless that person is a pimp from the '60s. So, if you come to any of my clubs, you'd be wise to come dressed appropriately.

But most importantly, think about how skanky those places are. The seats are riddled with sweat and shame. There's no way you'd want to be carrying home all that dirt over your shiny new pants.

But there's something else to look out for as well. We could all learn a thing or two from this guy.

He wore white garments to the strip club and paid the ultimate price.

He Snapchatted the whole thing, in a move that definitely questions his character.

What, have you never seen a pair of hooters before, bud?


He was sure to grab a Snap of her ass as well.


And then, this happened:


Yup, that just happened: He received a splattering of ruby love all over those crisp jeans. Also, what the hell are all those other mystery smears? He wrote,

100% sure that's period blood. I'm done with The strip for a while...

This guy obviously had a big night with the boys, but the aftermath was tragic. There are no words.

He broke the golden rule: Never bring the strip club home with you.

*Shakes head in disappointment*