Man Walks In On Wife F*cking Someone Else And Is Weirdly Chill About It (Video)

The last thing I want to hear before I die is someone yelling, “WorldStar!” loudly while recording a video on an iPhone.

WorldStarHipHop is my favorite thing on the Web. Screw cats knocking over stuff for no reason. Screw people fighting with Meek Mill. Screw dogs wearing Disney costumes. This site 100 percent delivers all the time.

Hearing someone yell, “WorldStar!” gets me gitty AF as it usually means some bonkerz, unexpected event shot on a cell phone camera is about to grace my computer screen.

Pavlov's dogs had bells and dog food, I have WorldStar and some angry person outside of a club yelling, “WHO YOU CALLING LAST YEAR'S POTATO SALAD?!?!?” (or something like that).

This is how insane WorldStar is: This video of some dude catching his wife cheating is the calmest video I've ever seen on the site.

All things considered, this is a pretty calm breakup.

Don't worry, girl. Nobody is going to see this video. It's def not going online.

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