Guy Savagely Trolls Annoying Ex Who Texts Him Asking For Favor


Never burn bridges. Because one day, you might blow out a couple of tires and have to hit up an ex for 911 support.

That's what this girl did. Bet she regrets stealing hundreds of dollars from her former flame now.

She hit him up in the early afternoon, and his response was less than comforting.

First, he simply shoved her off with this stony question mark. It's punctuation in its coldest form.

After he basically gave her the finger, she got super desperate. She said she'd basically die if he didn't come to her rescue. He seemed to enjoy her misfortune a bit too much.

The old raccoon-dog response. Low. Real low. He was definitely paving the way for some memes.

He went for the unbeatable combination of Willy Wonka and dancing children in underpants.

Powerful stuff.

Of course, we can't officially verify this: It's just an iMessage exchange that was uploaded to Imgur with the caption,

This girl who stole hundreds of dollars from me randomly hit me up...

But we'd like to think it's real because it's so relatable. And hey, it's a Wednesday afternoon.

It got mixed reviews online. Sure, he probably lost a fair amount of "good human" points after he reveled in his ex-girlfriend's misery, but I suppose they can call it quits now.

He didn't get mad: He got even.

It seems, though, that people were mainly on the guy's side.

One said,

As a Bama graduate and fan, I can't tell you how much I related to your response. Roll Tide!

Another added,

Never stoop down to other people's level, and never show that you took pleasure in someone's suffering. Just jump up and down secretly.

But the main question is, what did this guy do to warrant his ex stealing loads of money and bailing in the first place? Maybe he's just a massive dick.

Food for thought.