This Guy Sent The Most Pathetic Apology After Asking For Nude Photos

by Kate Ryan

For possibly the first time ever, a man feels guilty after asking for nude pics.

Last month, one dude asked 19-year-old Michaela for nude photos and immediately regretted it.

He sent her a string of apologetic texts, followed by an Edible Arrangement fruit basket delivered to her doorstep.

With the fruit kabobs came a note that read,

I'm so sorry [sad face]

And like any typical teenager, Michaela tweeted about it.

Since then, it's been retweeted nearly 20,000 times by Twitter users who were dying to know where this story went.

Apparently, it was pretty simple, as Michaela told BuzzFeed,

Stuff like this happens to me all the time. I was talking to this guy Ethan last year and then he asked for nudes so I stopped talking to him. Fast forward to this year and he tries to start talking to me again. I jokingly say I'll forgive you if you send me an Edible Arrangement. The poor sap does and I ate it on the way to work.

That's one way to bounce back after majorly f*cking up with a girl.

Then again, you could just abstain from asking for nudes in the first place. That usually works better than fruit -- just sayin'.

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