This Guy Proposing During His Police Academy Graduation Is The Cutest (Video)

This is cute. It's also kind of a dick move.

Josh Jarvie proposed to his girlfriend, Shana Maschak, during his graduation from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Academy, and it's really sweet. But, can we talk about Officer Jordan Katz for a second?

I feel REALLY bad for Officer Jordan Katz.

He's the guy who had to get his diploma AFTER Josh Jarvie made this graduation all about himself.

Jordan Katz having to go up there and accept his diploma is like the guy who has to go up after Bruce Springsteen at Bruce Springsteen-themed, live-band karaoke.

However good his cover of “Dancing In the Dark” is, you know it's not coming within 700 miles of Bruce actually singing “Dancing In the Dark.”


I'm surprised Josh didn't wait to propose to his girlfriend at his best friend's wedding or, like, on the day Adele releases her new album. IT'S A DAY FOR ADELE AND ADELE ALONE, JOSH.

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