Creepy Videos Of Guy Confessing To Murder Appear On Twitter: 'I Didn't Mean To'

Well, this is unsettling.

A guy claiming he's committed murder has uploaded a series of videos to Twitter confessing his wrongdoings.

We aren't sure if the videos are true or not, but they're definitely chilling.

The man, who goes by the name of @seventybroad on Twitter, took to social media at the end of September as an outlet to discuss his loneliness.

His first tweet seemed harmless, but it was just a taste of what was to come.

The troubled soul continued to cry for help via Twitter throughout the first week of October, saying, "I don't want to wake up here anymore," and "I couldn't fucking go through with it too much of a fucking pussy."

The  man's seemingly suicidal thoughts led to a video the man posted on October 8, which shows him pouring what looks to be gasoline all over his body.

He attempts to light the fluid, but isn't successful.

Why, though? Why is he posting these videos?

We're jaded by all the YouTube hoaxes we've seen pop up over the years, so there's the theory he's just a guy who's looking for fame and attention in an entirely bizarre way.

But his videos became more terrifying recently when he confessed to committing murder, pinpointing it as the reason for his angst.

A video from Saturday night titled, "who i killed," was posted on his YouTube page, and it shows the anonymous man blaming his murderous actions on drugs.

He states,

I don't want to hurt anybody else... People know me, you know, I wasn't always like this. It's the fucking drugs, man. I know what I did wasn't right but it fucks with your fucking brain.


The video shows him crying, laughing and then telling his viewers he'll eventually "show them" what he did. He said,

You'll fucking see... I'll show you very fucking soon what I did.

The creepy AF dude continues on a laughing spree that might as well be straight out of a fucking horror movie, and alludes to his loneliness again, saying,

People have been saying some fucking horrible things about me.

Maybe that's why he disabled all of the comments on the video, but we can't assume anything just yet.

That wasn't the end, though.

Last night, the man posted a video on YouTube called, "my confession i'm so fucking sorry," which was taken down by the site.

To ensure his viewers watched, he uploaded the footage to Vimeo.

In the video, he's inside of what appears to be a dilapidated apartment building, which is filled with garbage.

He cries again about what he's done, but still doesn't say exactly who he's killed. Instead, he just says,

I've fucking murdered him. I never wanted to be a part of it, I wasn't fucking supposed to be.

Now we're left with a million questions.

We can only hope what he's claiming to be true is just one big lie.