Guy Proposes To GF By Turning Their Love Story Into An Epic Movie Trailer

Ugh, I really didn't want to tear up at this video, but dammit, the music and the pureness got to me.

On February 3, Erika and her boyfriend Alex went to a movie in Brooklyn. But when they got there, the theater was empty, and instead of movie trailers, a different sort of preview played on the screen.

Alex transformed his love story with Erika into an epic movie trailer, complete with voice-over narration, actors and reenactments shot on an HD camera.

The hesitant voiceover and slightly-off editing just add to the charm of the video. Yeah, it's not going to the Sundance Film Festival, but clearly Alex made this for nobody but Erika.

The two met in elementary school and then reconnected 17 years later. They dated for three years and -- spoiler alert -- now they're getting married.

Of course, Erika said "yes!" Alex filmed Erika's reaction as well, and it's all very touching.

And YES, I cried when I watched it, so sue me. Their love is beautiful, OK???