Guy Gives Savage Response To Judge After Tattooing A Penis On Girl's Back

A 21-year-old Austrian woman went to a "hobby tattoist" (because apparently that's a thing now) and asked him to draw a yin yang symbol on her back.

According to The Local, the artist told her he'd be happy to give her her dream tattoo and even drew up a template of the Chinese symbol that the two of them agreed upon.

Then came time to actually draw the tattoo.

This is when our friend/foe (I really can't decide) got creative. Instead of the agreed-upon yin yang template, the artist decided to really take things down a whole other road.

What could he have possibly done? Drawn a giant piece of poop overflowing out of an itty bitty toilet? Worse. Written the words "I AM BORING AND I SUCK," in huge block letters covering her entire back? Still worse. Another set of boobs so that her entire body looks like an optical illusion? Even. Worse.

I know, I know. You're hanging at the edge of your seat, "WHAT COULD HE POSSIBLY HAVE DONE TO HER BACK? WHAT COULD BE SO NASTY, SO VILE, SO DISGUSTING?"

Lol, desperate much? OK, I'll tell you. He decided to draw a picture of a penis alongside the word "fuck." In permanent ink. On her back.

Needless to say, the young woman was pissed. I mean, how would you feel after someone drew a giant dick on your back in permanent ink?

It's like that time you passed out drunk and your friends drew all over you in Sharpie and you couldn't completely get it off before work on Monday... but like 875,999 times worse. Simply put, you'd be pissed.

The woman, understandably, took him to court where he faced charges of bodily harm, along with several others related to burglary and violence.

When he was asked by the judge why he would do such a thing, he responded simply, “Just because.”

This guy is the epitome of giving zero fucks (OK, except for maybe that one "fuck" he literally gave this girl).

That being said, what he did was evil and his lack of remorse is frankly alarming.

The judge sentenced him to three-and-a-half years in jail. He will be held in a facility for mentally-ill offenders.

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