Guy Who Got His Heart Broken By His Side Chick Went On Savage Twitter Rant

by Robert Anthony

Twitter is a wonderful place.

If you don't have a Twitter account, you've missed out on quite a few rants by now.  Classic Twitter rants include all of Kanye West's tweets (literally every single one) and viral rants authored by Twitter user WeNotSocks.

While no one is really too sure what this guy's name is, we know that he's constantly supplying the world with highly relatable content in the form of Twitter rants.

Not too long ago, WeNotSocks took to Twitter to reveal to the world how awesome having a girlfriend really is.

Here's one of the legendary tweets from his first rant about how amazing it is to have a girlfriend.


After that, WeNotSocks took to Twitter yet again to discuss what's it like to be broke as fuck.


As if those two epic rants weren't enough, the dude behind this hilarious account is back with yet another rant. Can you relate?!


That's right, he's spewing ALL there is to know about having his heart broken... BY HIS SIDE CHICK.


He didn't stop there, either...


Finally, he realized that things aren't so clear-cut when you catch feelings over your SIDE CHICK finding herself a man...


The legendary habitual Twitter ranter ended his tale there and even admitted to being "a piece of shit" in hindsight.


I'll admit, life seems to suck for this guy.

Imagine choosing to settle down with the girl you've been cheating on only to realize that your heart actually lies with the side chick who got fed up with being, well, the side chick and found a man to call her own.

Then when you realize she's got a boyfriend AFTER you confess your "love" for her, she tells you that you'd have to get rid of your actual girlfriend. People are crazy, man.

Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is the definition of life coming at you SUPER FUCKING FAST.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there IS more to this guy's story but...


WeNotSocks, thank you for your bravery and for breaking your silence about what must have been one of the most heartbreaking moments in your life/Twitter career.

We're not worthy (and according to your side chick, neither are you).

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