Guy Tries To Hit On Girl With Creepiest Note After Finding Her Lost Purse

by Alexandra Svokos
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Hayley Minn, 25, lost her purse while out drinking at a bar.

We've all been there, in some form or another.

Luckily, Minn was able to get her purse back when it was mailed back to her six weeks later, which would've been a sigh of relief... except it included a super-creepy note.

The note starts out saying,

I would like to inform you that I found your precious purse (looks like it :) ) by Liverpool street station. Might you dropped it and looking for it.

So that's normal (minus the odd grammar). But then things start getting really bizarre.


The writer, who calls him (or her) self "Your Secret Friend or Admirer lol," describes going through her purse. The note reads,

My whole intentions to go inside your purse was to look for your address or anything which can help me to send this thing to you nothing else but I found some naughty stuff as well.

"Naughty stuff" refers to condoms, according to Mirror.

The writer continues,

Don't need to feel any embracement [sic], honestly I like those people who take extra care lol

So, yeah, that's weird.

The writer goes back to normal, telling Minn to check to see if everything's there and to send an email when she receives the package.

The email address? For serious.

Your Secret Friend or Admirer lol advises Minn to "look after yourself and all your belongings when you go out or allow someone else because you are one of the beautiful person I ever seen (I am sure in real life you are more beautiful as compare to your picture)."

You know, because beautiful women have to take care of themselves, because men can't help but grab them. Sexism and victim blaming is fun!

The note writer says he would love to take her out sometime, but believes she probably already has "someone in your life who is taking care of you very well." But, if not, "allow me lol :)"

He concludes the note,

Enjoy every single moment of your life and enjoy as much as you can because you never know what is going to happen next :)

That's either a cute fortune or a threat. Who knows!

It's especially fun now that he has Minn's address, given that he mailed her the purse.

Now, for all we know, this note was written by someone who's just really lonely and wants someone to email. But it's certainly a strange message to receive.

Minn has not heard back from the Secret Friend or Admirer lol.

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