Guy Hysterically Begging Girl To Take Plan B Gets Trolled In The Best Way

Bristol Post

Bro, there's a very easy lesson to learn here: Don't be a fool and wrap your tool.

This guy went bonus-level cray when he begged a girl to take the morning after pill. He texted the girl after a night of steamy passion, with these clear instructions about Plan B:

Bristol Post

Woah. This guy is clearly panicking, and her response did very little to calm him down. Then, this happened:

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Uh oh. He's really losing it now. He's basically begging on his hands and knees. This is getting tough to read. But wait. There's more:

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Please, Lucy. Just take the pill and shut this guy up already. Wait. WHAT!??

Bristol Post

NO WAAAY. He didn't even have the right phone number.


We've never witnessed such a heart-stopping wind-up. But we loved every second of it.

Good work, guys. Keep dishing lessons the hard way.

But wait: What if the girl gave him the wrong digits on purpose, and now there's no way of actually contacting her?!