Guy Pulls Epic Prank On Neighbors With Hilarious Fake Father's Day Ads


Tired of your lousy dad never spending any quality time with you? Well, friends, I have good news: You can trade him in for a new one this Father's Day.

At least, that's what these flyers would have you believe.

Funnyman Jeff Wysaski posted the fake ads around his neighborhood.

The "Father's Day Blowout" features perfect dads, like Walter, whose specialty is cooking a "mean burger." You can have him for $1,600. But if you're willing to shell out a few more bucks, you can get some Manuel in your life (he owns a trampoline).

Top dawg Pete goes for $1,900. He's "reliable," "will call you 'sport'" and "makes pancakes on the weekend." Winning.

Those on a budget will have to settle for someone like Blarne. He's a conspiracy theorist and drinks a lot. But he only costs $89.

A video ad was also uploaded to Facebook page Obvious Plant. It opens with,

We've got thousands of fathers on our inventory just waiting to mentor you through adulthood.

The prankster even went as far as to register an actual website domain as well.

Thanks for the LOLs, Jeff.

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