Guy Has To Hide On Balcony All Night After Woman's Husband Comes Home

A man in China was allegedly forced to spend an entire night on a balcony ledge after the husband of the woman he was sleeping with unexpectedly came home early from a business trip.

SOMEONE CALL JUDD APATOW! This has Seth Rogen and Dave Franco written all over it.

According to the video description, the man was fortunately dressed and on his way out of the apartment when the woman's husband came home early from the trip.

When she heard him coming in, the wife supposedly quickly persuaded the man to go out of the window and stay between two air conditioning units until the next morning when the husband left for work.

After the unsuspecting husband left, firefighters were called and the man was brought to safety.

Not being one to give up on the lie, the man reportedly gave the ol' “I have no idea how I got on this ledge!” story before fessing up to cops about his misdeed.

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