Bandon Li / Unscripted Films by Brandon Li

This Guy's Drone Accidentally Took The Most Romantic Wedding Photo Ever


A world-traveling filmmaker just captured a photo that'll make you want to hire him for your own wedding -- and he didn't even mean to do it.

Brandon Li was using a drone to film the sunset over Hong Kong when he accidentally took a picture of a newlywed couple. The bride and groom were sprawled out on the grassy rooftop of the J Residence Hotel in the middle of the city.

Needless to say, the photo is gorgeous and captures an intimate moment of pure bliss between the lovers.

This, my friends, is wedding goals.


Incredible, right?

I will admit I had a hard time coming up with words that would give this photo enough credit because it stirred so many emotions. But, I do think "perfect" is a good enough word to sum it up.

I mean, seriously, I thought love like this only existed in movies.

Li recently spoke with PetaPixel about the mistake. He said,

Thank goodness the battery was running low, or else he definitely wouldn't have caught this shot. He continued,

Whatever they were doing, they're freaking adorable and making me wish I was getting married, just so Li could use his drone to take my wedding photos.

Apparently, Li discovered the accidental masterpiece, edited the coloring of the shot, removed "what appeared to be either some extra clothes or another person standing near their feet," and then posted the photo on Facebook.

He's currently searching for the newlywed couple that's featured in his photo, so if you know a pair of lovebirds who just got married in Hong Kong, send them Brandon's way.

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