Couple Has The Best Reaction To Their Grandson Paying Off Their Mortgage

You're going to want to stand and applaud after watching this video.

Think back to the last gift you sent your grandparents. It probably was some arts-and-crafts thing you made in preschool, right?

Well, you better start considering ways to step up your grandparent-gift game because this grandson, a Texas college student named Stefun Darts, gave his grandparents the greatest gifts of all time: He paid their $15,000 mortgage and got them a vacation to the Bahamas.

According to WPVI-TV, Darts, who runs a nonprofit organization called the Caring Heart Youth Foundation, said he was able to afford the gift by spending several years staying in and chowing down on microwave pizza.

It seems like it was well worth it.

Other grandkids, the bar has been set.

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