Brutally Honest Grandpa Sends Hilarious Warning Note With His Wedding RSVP

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It must be great getting old -- no one can try and baby you because YOU have all the worldly advice, you get put up in a cushy retirement home, which is basically a single's holiday, and, best of all, you can say whatever the hell you want.. to anyone... at any time.

That last one is called the senior filter, and it looks like this guy's grandpa, Alex, has it pretty bad. This rogue grandpa sent his grandchild the best RSVP ever to his wedding invite.

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Fair play, gramps. We can't fault you for your honesty.

Let's break this down: For a start, which Gregs spell their names "Greig"? The rogue "i" isn't sitting well with me.

He also does the typical vintage-person thing of writing in capitals. Punctuation? Not for this big guy. He's got no time for apostrophes or commas, and who can blame him? Time is precious.

And then he signs off with his name. How many grandparents do that? Alex doesn't play by anyone's rules, not even his own.