Video Of Hyped Gorilla Dancing In A Pool Will Give You Serious Weekend Vibes


It's a summer Friday and the living's easy.

I'm willing to bet when you finally make it out of the office tonight, you're going to look something like this happy-go-lucky gorilla.


Meet Zola, a Bronx native who's now living in a Dallas zoo. If there's anything this gorilla has mastered, it's some impressive dance moves that'll put your routine to shame. Challenge him to a dance-off and you will get served.

Zola is an inspiration to us all and serves as the perfect motivation to live your best life this weekend. Have a look at this impressive gorilla getting jiggy with it.

If you thought that was amazing, wait until you see Zola rocking out to "Maniac" from the Flashdance album.

Now this is taking creativity to the next level, folks — it's what the internet is all about.

"And [he's] dancing like he's never danced before ..."

What did we tell you? He has better moves than all of us.

Of course, adding some '80s jams into the mix made Twitter swoon.

Thank you to the Twitter user who took this video to the next level. We are eternally grateful for your ingenuity.

But Zola, being the sensation that he is, definitely rose to stardom before his "Maniac" dance routine. Remember that viral video of a gorilla break dancing?

You guessed it — that was our guy.

But for those of you who are not quite as adventurous as Zola (it's OK, I have two left feet, so I get it) there are other ways to channel that ~ weekend vibe ~ and feel relaxed.

Find out where you can treat yourself to a rainbow ice cream taco or put on a mimosa-scented deodorant before you head out to brunch with your squad.

We can't all have moves like Zola, so we won't judge you if you decide to go the brunch route this Saturday instead of hitting the dance floor.